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Meet Kara Stamback, M.S.

Seasoned professional with 25 years experience in coaching, with a focus on midlife reinvention.

Kara believes that midlife is the time when every woman should show up for herself, own her power, and become the author of her own extraordinary story. Her practice is focused on supporting women in their midlife reinvention.

In her 25 years in the coaching field, Kara has firmly established herself as a seasoned professional. Her journey includes pivotal roles as a coach, partner, and COO at Pransky and Associates, the prestigious international training center for the Three Principles. While there, Kara engaged with a diverse array of clients, from high-performing executives, couples, individuals and families to nonprofits, small businesses, and international corporations. She established the online learning division and a suite of online courses reaching 42 countries.

As the demand for midlife coaching has increased, Kara has shifted her focus to meet this important need. She believes in the boundless power of women and this belief is at the heart of her work.

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Why Midlife?

Something remarkable happens for women in midlife. We are called to our greatness.

Midlife offers a sacred opportunity because there is a pause at this time—due to biology and the natural rhythms of life. Within that pause is an opportunity to reevaluate, reconsider our priorities, and embark on a journey of reinvention without the weight of judgment and societal expectation. 

This moment, whether it arrives as a clear message or a quiet voice urging further exploration, is an opportunity to create something new, drawing from experiences, knowledge, skills, networks, and resources we’ve collected over the years. 

Midlife, as its name implies, marks not an endpoint but rather the commencement of a second act in the grand journey of life. It’s a phase where we can show up for ourselves, actively embracing the untold potential that lies ahead.  The world is waiting.

The time to act is now. The confident, happy, and free woman you’ll be in a few years is counting on you.

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Travel and Retreat

The ideal backdrop for midlife reinvention

We are different when we travel. Studies have shown that travel changes our perspective, making us better and more open-minded.  It’s a state-of-mind phenomenon. The normality of life lulls us, and as a result, there’s little space for new. When we travel, however, normal is not an option; therefore, we become more open.

​​Travel and retreat
accelerate and facilitate
the transformation on
offer in midlife.

Reinvention requires a new setting.
Enter travel and retreat as a backdrop for the enduring and meaningful change you seek.
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Opportunities to
Work With Me

To support the diverse needs of my clients, I offer several different settings and formats for my coaching.
  • 1:1 Coaching sessions via zoom or in person
  • 1:1 Immersion retreat in La Conner, Washington
  • Group retreats in La Conner, Washington
  • National and international midlife excursion group retreats

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