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Don’t underestimate your midlife potential

The world so frequently underestimates the potential of women in midlife, while the truth of the matter is this: women in midlife are at the height of their brilliance, with the boundless potential of a second act of life stretching before them.

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Championing women at midlife is my favorite thing

Throughout my three decades of experience as a coach, I’ve helped individuals, couples, executives, addicts, teams, schools and business owners see things and effortlessly shift towards a healthier outlook, having greater positive impact on the world. But my deepest satisfaction comes when I witness a woman release an invisible burden, feel the freedom, and claim that freedom as her own.

Midlife was my revelation

My personal midlife journey was a revelation. I felt the stirring of something unrealized,  an inner knowing and inner voice that was calling to me and dying to emerge.  The voice said I was not the roles and responsibilities that had previously defined me.  I was something more and there was something more for me. So I began to explore, understand, let go and embrace the potential that was emerging. And midlife became the obvious focus for my practice.

In my national and international speaking opportunities I began to find my voice, but that was accelerated the year I coached the Leadership Skagit group, which is an intensive community leadership program. 

I saw the importance of my voice in this environment. I saw how much my voice mattered. I started to notice the difference women could make and how powerful women are in the world. I saw the need for the female voice.

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My mission is your midlife reinvention

I want to help midlife women find themselves so they can find their voice. And then I want them to use their considerable and collective power to heal the world.

This was my inspiration for creating all of my midlife offerings including retreats, one-on-one programs and online content. My desire is to create understanding and to reframe this unique time of life as something thrilling, sexy and amazing. And to call women to their greatness.

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My professional background

For more than 25 years, I’ve served as a life and leadership coach, operating in the world between coaching and therapy. I’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse clientele, ranging from high-performing executives, couples, individuals, and families to nonprofit and government agencies, as well as companies of all sizes, both on a national and international scale.

During my 20 year tenure at Pransky and Associates, the renowned international training center for the Three Principles, I served as a coach, partner, and Chief Operating Officer. It was there that I had the opportunity to establish and co-create the 3 Principles online learning division, along with a comprehensive suite of online courses, now accessible in 42 countries. I am currently deeply engaged in Leadership Skagit, a rigorous community leadership program. Additionally, I am a trained practitioner in the 3 Principles and Neurofeedback.

My academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, Riverside, and a Master of Science in Psychology from Western Washington University. 

Beyond my professional life as a coach, I am a wife and mother to three teenagers, four cats, two chickens, and a lizard. My favorite pastimes include thrifting for fabulous vintage finds to update my wardrobe. I also delight in home improvement projects that allow me to infuse beauty into all my spaces.

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One-on-One Intimate, Personal Conversations

One-on-One Coaching

Midlife is an opportunity to find your voice.This can be accelerated and enhanced by the support of a professional who can amplify that voice and resolve whatever might be in the way of hearing that voice clearly.


My retreats provide a safe container for expansion. They are a combination of the spiritual and the scientific, with on emphasis on holding space for the new.
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Engage with my content

Peruse my Midlife content exploring the challenges, opportunities, hacks and extaordinariness of this amazing and crazy phase of life. My style is informative, interesting, entertaining, and real.