Three Options to Retreat

My retreats provide a safe container for expansion. They are a combination of the spiritual and the scientific, with on emphasis on holding space for the new.

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The essential elements of a Sacred Midlife Retreat

This is the inspiration for these retreats and what they are expertly designed to provide. The Sacred Midlife Retreats are all about honoring and partnering with the opportunity of midlife, treating it with respect and reverence in deserves for the reinvention that is on offer. The world needs your gift.

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To retreat is to withdraw from the everyday into a space where there is room for exploration, reflection and expansion. Retreating enables us to challenge narratives, ask questions and receive new answers. It allows us to tap into a deeper purpose instead of the old concept of ourselves. Retreat provides the rare protection necessary to foster these insights and ideas. In this space, our new voice can take form.

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Expert Support

Midlife is a phenomenon that requires new information and understanding to successfully navigate. It is a complex time when we are impacted by myriad factors, negative and positive, all with varying degrees of visibility. The right experts and guides make the landscape of midlife more visible so that the opportunities are more easily seen.

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To commune, listen and share is powerful.
It is important to be seen and heard. To feel accepted and embraced. 

This is the value of retreat. To commune with those who are looking in the same direction, to share a solidarity in our coming of age.

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