You will be taken care of and supported from the moment you commit.

Your experience will be curated and guided by vetted professionals and experts in fields relevant and specific to midlife, which may include: mindset, movement, health and wellness, hormones, intimacy, reinvention, personal branding, spirituality, relationships, to list a few.

The retreats are designed with elements to engage and support you in your journey, but ultimately your time is your own. You may opt out of any activity in favor of taking space for yourself.

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Group Retreats - Kara Stamback

There are factors at play

Midlife is different because there are significant, although often invisible factors at play. In fact, so much of what we struggle with is a result of biological, societal, and economic factors. So much of what you are up against is not your fault - despite the way you feel. But these same factors provide a surprising opportunity as well. Midlife, it appears, produces a natural pause, a period where the tides of change converge to create the ideal circumstance for personal reinvention and growth.

There is something more for us

This is a time when we can hear ourselves more clearly and our inner voice becomes louder telling us there is something more for us. And we can achieve this if we have the patience, knowledge and willingness to tap into that deeper, more authentic voice. 

Group Retreats - Kara Stamback

A sparkling life awaits us

We can shed what’s holding us back and embrace the sparkling life that awaits us.  But this requires commitment and prioritization in the same way that you prioritize other sacred things in your life. Midlife is complicated, sometimes confusing, and as exciting as the opportunity is, it requires understanding and support.

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