Although not specifically created for midlife reinvention, The benefit of these self-paced online courses will empower transformation while supporting you in all areas of your life.

The coaching work I do is based on a simple but profound approach to helping people find relief from suffering and answers to the problems that plague them. The change happens through learning and understanding the thinking that is at play in their minds. It doesn’t sound like much, but our thought is a very powerful force that can become invisible and elusive and can create chronic and serious problems in their lives. My dad pioneered an approach that illuminates the otherwise invisible workings of our minds and makes the navigation of our thinking, biases, habits and dysfunctions much more manageable. The content of this course is the basis for all of the coaching work I do and is a self driven option to learn what I share in my one on one and group programs.

This is a substantive program that took two years to create. It is designed to be engaging, digestible and applicable in order to immediately create insight and understanding. The content covers a broad scope of struggles and types of people. It’s an ideal low cost and accessible way to learn the core of what is covered in the in- person Three Principles programs. It is also a  wonderful way to gain greater insight and learning into yourself. If independent study is a good medium for you, please consider one of these online courses.

Online Courses and Neurofeedback

2 Online courses

INSIGHT Online Course
INSIGHT for Relationships

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